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Tomcat Configuration

Unpack the tomcat. To get access via http://localhost:8080/manager/html to the tomcat manager site you’ve to configure a user with manager-gui role. It is good practice to give the administrator admin rights as well.

File: <tomcathome>/conf/tomcat-users.xml


The easiest way to deploy is to drop the war-file into the <tomcathome>/webapps directory. During development it is a better approach to create a context pointing to the target directory of your web app in development. The deployment directory is <tomcathome>/conf/Catalina/localhost. The structure of the deployment descriptor is like this:

File: <tomcathome>/conf/Catalina/localhost/mycontext.xml

Here some hints to install the tomcat to a dedicated server (only if you allowed to browse): Tomcat installieren und einrichten


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